Rebecca Wood Nativities are available in several sizes and styles. All are painted on #18 mesh canvas but can be painted on #13 mesh. The 626 Nativity series is painted in group designs so that the entire nativity is encompassed in 6 pieces rather than the typical 9 to 12 pieces. Also, we have the mid-mini sized 627 series based on the 626 series but painted with individual pieces, 12 pieces in total. The classic 615 series Nativity is the largest of the group with the Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus measuring 7 by 8 inches. Rebecca’s original 515 series is a little smaller with the Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus piece measuring "6 By 7”. The 514 series Dome Nativity has subjects painted inside a dome with sky background. The Dome of Joseph, Mary & baby Jesus measures 5” by 7”. The 620 series basket Nativity named so because it was originally displayed in a basket, is mid-sized with Mary measuring  3” by 3.5”. The ever popular 015 mini series has available up to 17 pieces with 12 standard pieces. Mary & baby Jesus measure 2.2” tall. In the XL category are found two additional nativity pieces with all subjects on one large canvas. 516 was designed using the 515 series and the 615x “Bethlehem” piece is designed from the 615 series.